Peter Pan Director testimonial for Theatre Ave projections

"Vibrant & Attractive without a Cartoony Feel"

"I keep coming back to Theatre Ave for my show projections. They are vibrant and attractive without a cartoony feel..."
Little Mermaid and Nutcracker projections testimonial by ballet director

"Bringing Our Ballets to Life"

"I've been working on custom projections with Mitch for 6 years..."
High school theatre teacher testimonial for Theatre Avenue about digital scenery and storytelling.

"Telling Stories in New Ways"

"Theatre Ave projections are all about telling stories in new ways..."

Colorado theatre teacher testimonial for Theatre Avenue projections.

"Great to Work With!"

"I love their variety, and appreciate their flexibility in putting together the perfect package of projected images and animations..."
Sleepy Hollow Ballet and Little Mermaid digital scenery testimonial

"Take Your Productions to the Next Level"

"Mitch and the team at Theatre Ave are the best for all things related to projections!"
Theatre projection and digital scenery review from Tim Clare for Theatre Ave

"A Game-changer for any Theatre Production!"

"Their projections bring productions to life, with their quality and attention to detail being exceptional, seamlessly enhancing every scene..."

Testimonial for Narnia, Christmas Story and All Shook Up projections by Theatre Avenue.

"By Far Our Favorite Projection Company"

"Every single time we are blown away by the customer service, professionalism, kindness, and most of all, the quality!"
Wizard of Oz and Mamma Mia projections testimonial for Theatre Ave

"Partnering with Theatre Ave for Years"

"They quickly align to your vision and elevate that vision..."
Theatre Avenue digital scenery testimonial about Sweeney Todd and Beauty and the Beast

"One-Stop Shop for Stunning Scenic Projections"

"Theatre Ave is your one-stop shop for stunning scenic projections to enhance your theatrical design..."

Christmas Carol digital scenery and projections testimonial.

"Great Stock of Backdrops and Animations"

"Theatre Ave has a great stock of projected backdrops and animations..."
Mary Poppins digital scenery testimonial for Theatre Avenue projections

"Vivid Details and Cinematic Motion"

"Theatre Avenue's scenic projections are an excellent choice for enhancing stage musicals and plays..."
Theatre Ave Projections Testimonial about Wrinkle in Time

"Beautiful Designs by Theatre Ave"

"I have used Theatre Ave projections for the 'Wizard of Oz' and 'A Wrinkle in Time'..."

Charlotte's Web and Little Mermaid projections testimonial

"High Quality and Easy to Work With"

"Not only are Theatre Ave projections high-quality, but the company itself is so easy to work with..."
Curtis B testimonial for Annie the Musical projections by Theatre Avenue.

"Affordable, Diverse, and Gorgeous"

“Theatre Avenue allowed our production to come to life with vivid color..."
Elf the Musical projections and Sleepy Hollow digital scenery testimonial

"Beautiful Projections with a Personal Touch"

"Theatre Ave not only provides the most beautiful projections out there, they do so with a personal touch and customer service that is unmatched..."