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Projections 101: Getting Started in Your Theatre | Virtual Course

This is an individual course license. If you're interested in a school or district license, reach out to us here.

Would you like to get rolling with digital projections in your shows?

In this online class, projection designer Mitch Stark hits all the fundamentals, with a collection of tips and tricks—all in non-techie, simple speak that will inspire you to dream big! Learn what gear to buy or rent, where to place it, the kind of screen you’ll need and more. Your scenic storytelling is about to take a grand leap!

11 Chapters will equip you with the know-how to begin crafting projection magic in your school, theatre, or dance company.

• Intro
• Why Use Projections?

• The Art of Projections
• 4 Things to Get Started
• Projectors
• Screens
• Software
• Lighting
• Front vs. Rear Projection
• Custom Projections
• Final Thoughts

About Your Teacher

Mitch Stark is the Founding Creative Director of Theatre Avenue, an Atlanta-based studio which produces projection designs for theatre, ballet and dance performances around the world.

He designs and animates digital projections for schools, universities and professional companies globally, for productions such as Willy Wonka, Swan Lake, The Wizard of Oz, Nutcracker Ballet, Little Mermaid, and beyond.

Mitch teaches nationally and creates educational content about art, media and projections. He also writes for theatrical journals and magazines.