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Directing Theatre 101 | Virtual Course

This is an individual course license. If you're interested in a school or district license, reach out to us here.


Unleash the power of storytelling and bring your theatrical visions to life with director Amanda Farnsworth!

In this Directing Theatre 101 course, Amanda will guide you through the process of mounting a theatrical production from start to finish. With 20 years of experience in the theatre world, Amanda has a wealth of knowledge to share. From picking the perfect show to costumes, lights, and sets, Amanda will make sure you have the confidence to take the director's seat. Learn from her experiences, both the mistakes and the triumphs, and discover the basics of what has worked for her. Whether you're a seasoned theater veteran or just starting out, this class is a must-see for anyone who loves the art of storytelling. So, grab your notebook and join Amanda on this journey to bring your stories to life!

11 Chapters will equip you with the know-how to direct incredible shows in your school, theatre, or community.

• Intro
• Picking and Pitching the Story You Want to Tell

• Auditioning Students
• The Key to Casting
• How to Create Effective & Fun Rehearsals
• A Simple Guide to Music
• Blocking & Visualization
• Wait, I Have to Design the Set Too?
• Lights, Costumes, Action
• Places, Everybody
• Final Thoughts

About Your Teacher

Amanda Farnsworth is a professional stage and music director working in the Atlanta area. She has loved watching and participating in live theatre since she was very young—she got her very first lead role in 4th grade, when she played Juliet the Mermaid in a comedic adaptation of Romeo & Juliet. Amanda has been directing theatre since early 2000, mounting over 200 productions in schools, dinner theaters, community theaters, professional theaters, and the occasional backyard extravaganza.

Amanda founded a youth theatre company in 2008, which then branched out to serve young artists nationwide. She has directed shows in Colorado, Alabama, New York and Georgia, and continues to write, produce and direct theatre experiences with casts of all ages.