Custom Design

Sometimes you have a vision...

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At Theatre Avenue, we live for the moment your story comes to life. And we love using our artistic talents to design digital projections for creators of theatre and dance like you.

How It Works

Research and Concept Design

We’ll hop on a call with you to first establish the scenic vision for your production, and then go to work to make that vision a reality.

We’ve found two things are the foundation for great projection design—good research and plenty of drawing. We’ll take the time to look at what's been done, and then explore new possibilities. That way, what we create for you is fresh and magical on the stage.

Illustration and 3D Animation

After we work out the visual design, color and mood of the projections with you, we’ll draw the scenes by hand. We then scan and paint them digitally. We work in a variety of visual styles, ranging from cartoon to photorealistic. For some projects, we finish with high-end computer animation—bringing the projections to life with effects like moving clouds, fire, rain, snow, and beyond!

Time to Shine!

When complete, we’ll send you the final projections in time to rehearse and premiere at your show. Listen to your audience gasp as they witness the magic on stage. You’ll also have permanent display rights, meaning you can use your projections again for future shows!

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It's never too soon to seize the day! Tell us about your project.

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