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Christopher's Objects Director's Collection (Show Bundle)

This Christopher's Objects Director's Collection (Show Bundle) of digital projections will breathe the color, life and imagination into your show on stage. Includes 20 animated digital projections specifically handpicked to represent the breadth of scenes from stage versions of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. (Preview video below shows a compilation of short clips, but each individual animated file is separate and about 45 seconds each)

• Letters from Mom (Animated)
• Envelopes (Animated)
• Geometric Grid (Animated)
• Toby the Rat (Animated)
• Dog is Dead (Animated)
• Raspberry Milkshake (Animated)
• Soda Bottle (Animated)
• Tomato Soup (Animated)
• Swiss Knife (Animated) 
• Snail (Animated)
• Car (Animated)
Shoes (Animated)
• Comb (Animated)
• Chips Bag (Animated)
• Cup of Tea (Animated)
• Astronaut (Animated)
• Apples (Animated)
• Tetris (Animated)
• Prime Numbers (Animated)
• Cows in Field (Animated)

Your projections will be available for digital download within 24 hours of purchase. We accept purchase orders.

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More info:

• Format: 1920x1080 MP4s (High Res Still and Animated)
• Compatible with: Powerpoint, Keynote, QLab, and more
• Lifetime use for your school, theatre or dance company