Lion King Essentials Collection (Show Bundle)

This Lion King Essentials Collection (Show Bundle) of digital projections will breathe the color, life and imagination into your show on stage. Includes 9 animated and still digital projections specifically handpicked to represent a breadth of scenes from stage versions of Lion King:

• Pride Rock
• African Grasslands
• Hot Sunrise (Animated) 
• Lion in Clouds (Animated) | for appearance of Mufasa
• Elephant Graveyard II
• Wildebeest Valley
• Deep in Jungle
• Deep Cave
• Dark Pride Rock | for the rule of Scar

Your projections will be available for digital download within 24 hours of purchase. We accept purchase orders.

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More info:

• Format: 1920x1080 JPGs and MP4s (High Res Still and Animated)
• Compatible with: Powerpoint, Keynote, QLab, and more
• Lifetime use for your school, theatre or dance company