Chandler Mann, Theatre Technical Director, gives advice on what projector to buy for digital scenery and backdrops.

Projector to Buy for Digital Backdrops

Quick Take-aways and Tips about a 'Projector to Buy'

Pick a Reliable Starter: Begin with a dependable projector. It doesn't have to be the most expensive or high-end model. What's important is that it's bright enough to make your first show look good. This encourages you to see the potential and refine your setup over time.

Go for Christie Captiva: Chandler suggests the Christie Captiva projector. ‘It’s powerful’, he says, with 5000 lumens and an ultra-short throw lens, meaning it can project a big, clear image from just a few feet away. Its versatility makes it a solid choice for various staging needs.

Flexibility Is Key: The Christie Captiva excels in flexibility. You can hide it in set pieces, attach it to overhead rigs, or use it on the floor. It works with software for custom visuals. It's designed to fit into your production, not the other way around.

Stays Cool and Quiet: Unlike older projectors that run hot and loud, the Christie Captiva keeps things cool and quiet. This means you can place it closer to actors or flammable materials without worrying about heat risks. It’s a safer, more comfortable choice.

Value Support and Quality: Choosing a projector means looking beyond the specs. Chandler says Christie is known for quality construction, good warranties, and helpful customer support. A projector is an investment in your shows' future, so support can matter as much as performance.

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