Surfaces to project digital scenery and backdrops onto with projection designer Camron Ware

Surfaces to Project On


A Few Quick Take-aways about Projection Surfaces

Think Beyond the White Wall: You're not stuck with just a white backdrop for projections. Everyday materials like light-colored scrims, wax paper, shower curtains, and even painted wood can serve as excellent projection surfaces. Don't waste money on expensive 'screen paint'—regular flat white paint does the job just fine.

Texture Makes a Difference: Adding texture to your projection surfaces, like a sponge texture in light or medium gray, can make your projections pop and feel more dynamic. It's about adding visual depth without complicating the setup.

Use 3D Objects: Projecting on 3D objects, including actors and costumes, can transform a stage and bring static scenes to life. Imagine projecting flames onto a dress or animating dice in mid-air—these are the kinds of creative opportunities that 3D projection mapping offers.

The Right Surface Matters: The success of your projection depends heavily on the surface color and texture. Light surfaces reflect more light, making projections vibrant and clear, whereas dark surfaces can eat up the lumens (or brightness) of your imagery. Always consider how the surface color and value will interact with your projection.

Experiment with Unusual Surfaces: Don't be afraid to project onto non-flat surfaces or even use fog for eerie effects. Projection isn't just about displaying images; it's about creating an atmosphere and enhancing the storytelling. Whether it's projecting on the floor, a set of fake trees, or even a car, there are endless possibilities to explore.

Camron's insights remind us that when it comes to projections, creativity knows no bounds. It's not about having the most expensive equipment or traditional surfaces; it's about how you use what you have to create something memorable.

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Joe Plummer
Joe Plummer

April 17, 2024

Might need it for a show I’m producing

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