Still from inspiring documentary film Ballet 422

6 Inspiring Movies About Creativity

Ballet 422 poster

A fascinating window into the world of professional ballet. You feel the stakes, but also the passion—as choreographer Justin Peck gives us a unique window into his creative process as well as the daily life of a dancer. It’s inspiring the see the focus and love for the craft, and it’s always wonderful to see such spectacle deconstructed into its parts.

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness poster art

An incredible look into the Japanese house of animation magic, Studio Ghibli—and a study of its master, Hayao Miyazaki. Some of the most beautiful animated features of all time have been produced here, and it’s the details like ‘daily exercise time,’ the staff cooking noodles for each other, and the humble rows of dedicated artisans that make this an inspiring look at a creative shop at the top of its game.

The September Issue documentary film poster

Great feature about not only the fashion industry, but also the level of expertise and work ethic at the top level of magazine production. Meet Anna Wintour, the real-life ‘Devil Who Wears Prada’—a much more complicated, tragic, and fascinating character in real-life. The real hero of the movie though is the creative director of Vogue Grace Coddington, who is inspiring to both watch and listen to as she gives us an intimate look at her creative vision and process.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi documentary film poster art

You’ll want to watch this one time and time again, regardless of your creative pursuits, as a gentle reminder of the joys and sacrifices of a lifetime slowly perfecting a craft.

The Pixar Story poster art

I may be a bit biased on this one, since I love Pixar and nearly everything it has done, but this also stands out in my mind as one of the most inspiring documentaries about a creative shop being built from humble beginnings. You’ll love all the little details, and it’s very fitting for a place known for its incredible storytelling to have a good story well told about its making.

Chef movie poster art

Pure fun and a delight, Chef will not only make you hungry (guaranteed), but it will also gently and hilariously encourage creative people to pursue what’s in their hearts—because, after all, there is no shame in a food truck if the menu and the people are made up of solid gold passion.

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