Character Development: Slow Motion Battle

Character Development: Slow Motion Battle

March 04, 2022

Character Development: Slow Motion Battle

Activity by Katie Cross, Media Specialist and former High School Director, Texas

How do you build big characters? How do you get your actors to "go there?"

In this fun activity, actors begin to mold their character through an epic slow motion battle. 

Start by choosing your favorite battle scene (ie, Braveheart, 300, etc). Set the scene, and send your actors to battle it out with imaginary or prop weapons. Requirements:

  • It must be in slow motion.
  • It must be over-exaggerated.
  • Have fun! You can be killed as many times as you want and come back to life.

As they do this, ask them to consider:

  • Where do they they find themselves holding their weapon?
  • What tone do they speak with?
  • What kind of body language do they use?
  • Is their character light or heavy? 
  • How quickly or slowly do they move?

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