Theatre Avenue team journeys to Savannah to see their Little Mermaid projection work in action on stage

Adventure to Savannah for ‘Little Mermaid’ Ballet

This past month, a few members of our team and I made the voyage to Savannah, Georgia to see our projection backdrop work for Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid alive on the big screen. We had an incredible trip! We enjoyed meeting the show producer Abby McCuen and choreographer/Ursella actress Avery McGee. There will be much to follow in the coming months about our time there, but until then, here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

And just in case you’d like to see the fully animated projection work or perhaps put it to use in your theatrical or ballet production of Little Mermaid, take a look here!

Alison Sheldon and Catherine Gainey at B&D Burgers in Savannah, Georgia

Cinematographer and Brave Voice Media founder Joseph East in Savannah, Georgia

The Lucas Theater in Savannah, Georgia during its run of Savannah Ballet's Little Mermaid

Ballet producer Abby McCuen takes on Little Mermaid with digital projections by Theatre Avenue

Choreographer and dancer Avery McGee as Ursula in Little Mermaid at the Savannah Ballet

Sailor ballet dancers in front of digital projection backdrops for Little Mermaid

Ballerina playing Ariel in Little Mermaid in front of a theatre projection

Ariel dances in front of Theatre Avenue projection designs for Savannah Ballet performance of Little Mermaid

Ballerina dances in Savannah Ballet version of Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid scene with ballet projection backdrops

Ballerinas in front of the Deep Sea Palace, an animated projection backdrop by Theatre Avenue

Ballerina dancing during early scenes of Little Mermaid at Savannah Ballet

Avery McGee dancing as Ursula in front of Deep Blue digital projection

Dancer and choreographer Avery McGee in Savannah Ballet's Little Mermaid

Pivotal scene in Savannah Ballet production of Little Mermaid in front of original projection designs by Mitch StarkDigital projection design shines in ballet performance of Little Mermaid as Lucas Theater

A deal is struck between Ursula and Ariel in ballet performance of Little Mermaid

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