Digital illustration for Alice in Wonderland poster art by Mitch Stark

‘Alice’ in The Works

Early sketches for Alice in Wonderland digital projection backdrops by Theatre Avenue

We’ve started developing artwork and ideas for ‘Alice in Wonderland’ projections this month. Lots and lots of digital sketches and pencil drawings of dark forests, the Queen’s castle, the rabbit hole, Wonderland vistas, and beyond. And of course a bit of Danny Elfman’s movie score pumping through our headphones while we’re drawing!

It’s so fun at this stage, exploring lots of ideas to build on all the material that has come before, with the goal of creating something truly unique and special for the stage. We’re also getting more ambitious each time with our animation, thinking about what will truly immerse theatre audiences into the world of the ‘Alice.’ Be sure to visit again for more ‘behind the scene’ posts—we have a couple junior designers who are bringing a lot of heart and imagination to this classic story.

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