Early digital sketches for Alice in Wonderland digital projection backdrops

‘Alice in Wonderland’ a Creative Joy in the Making

We’re several week into ‘Alice in Wonderland’ now and starting to transform our early concept drawings and rough paintings into the finished scenic projections. We’ve narrowed the field from many many pieces of digital art and now know which scenes we’re going to focus on designing and animating in the coming weeks.

We also finished our first piece, called ‘Mushroom Forest,’ which we believe will be an incredible and fresh new take on the encounter between Alice and the Caterpillar. You’ll notice the finished artwork has a photo-real, yet whimsical look and we really pushed the amount of color to set up a vibrant and original world on stage. We’ll also be working on an animated waterfall for the background of this piece and some ‘fairy-like’ particles floating through the air.

Mushroom Forest early digital sketches for Alice in Wonderland scenic projection backdrops

We’re also in progress on a spooky Cheshire Cat forest and an entryway into the Queen of Hearts’s spectacular castle. We’ll post some more sketches and try to keep you in the loop as we continue to develop this incredible set of scenic projections for the stage. We really are seeing more and more possibilities to take the audience’s breath away with each new scene change. So many companies are looking to match and rival Broadway. I’d like to dare to dream we could go beyond it!

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