And the world will know that we've been here Newsies theatre projection quote

And The World Will Know That We've Been Here

And the world will know that we've been here newsies digital projection

Lives are changing daily with the coronavirus. It has made us at Theatre Ave stop and reflect on what is important. Spending time with our families, doing the things we've been "too busy" to do, and living as though there were no tomorrow. 

We talk at Theatre Ave how we believe in peoples' dreams and want to help make them possible. ALL of us have an opportunity during this time to become the people we've dreamed of becoming! We're not talking about climbing another step on a career ladder, or checking off another box on a bucket list. But becoming the PEOPLE we've wanted to be - as human beings. To think of our neighbors. To reach out to someone we don't normally talk to. To come together instead of staying divided and isolated in our everyday lives. And who would be better to find creative "socially distanced" ways to do that than theatre people?! 

Things have felt uncertain in our country this year. But when you look at history, these are the times that bring out the best in Americans. When life hits, we hit back harder. Each of us, in a positive way, can let the world know that we've been here. 

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