Building a DIY screen for digital theatre projections

Build a Giant Projection Screen for under $100

There are many ways to set up a large screen for scenic projections in your show, but this is a great, DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorial from that teaches you the basics. It may not be the exact solution for your theatre space, but it covers many foundational ideas that are useful. The video could give a student or volunteer a great place to start if you want to delegate the task of building a projection screen for your next show.

Here are a few notes that stood out to me as I watched. Some good points to remember:

• White spandex is a good option for screen material. It’s reflective, so it grabs the projection image well.

 PVC pipe can be used for the frame. Parts details can be found at (*The larger the frame, the more you’ll have to consider support so that the frame doesn’t bend or sag)

• Rather than sewing the corners, use StitchWitch. Once the corners are closed, you can stretch the fabric over the frame.

• A PVC frame can also be easily disassembled for storage. is a great resource to learn more about screen material. They handle everything from Broadway to schools.

Let us know if you have other ideas or resources you’ve come across or a different way to setup a screen for scenic projections!

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