High School Theatre with Heart | Theatre Chat with Erick Weeks

High School Theatre with Heart | Theatre Chat with Erick Weeks

In this episode of Theatre Chats, we talk to Erick Weeks, the high school drama and theatre teacher at Pearl High School in Mississippi.

Erick is a passionate director, theatre personality, and advocate for young people. He believes in pursuing a dream and vision regardless of the obstacles, and has an inspiring fight and perseverance to see it through. This is full, unedited chat with Theatre Avenue founder Mitch Stark, where they touch on everything from Erick's early background in theatre to teaching ideals and methods.

If you'd like to skip ahead to a certain question or topic that interests you, here is a full breakdown of our chat:

0:00 — Introduction
1:26 — What was it that drew you into theatre?
3:41 — What do you feel about how theatre brings people together?
6:29 — What is your creative process when it comes to a show?
11:25 — How would you explain theatre design?
13:32 — What examples come to mind of really good theatre design?
17:00 — Tips for new directors
20:47 — What advice would you tell someone who is brand new to theatre?
24:18 — What show makes you laugh?
26:23 — What is a show that touches you deeply?
29:09 — Where do you look for inspiration?
30:33 — What is some advice that would help directors make better shows?
32:43 — You have $100 to make a show, what do you do?
35:32 — Three acting tips?
39:00 — What would you as a teacher, do to get more for your budget?
45:32 — Why does theatre matter?

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