Castle Library, one of the Beauty and the Beast projections from Theatre Avenue.

How Does a Moment Last Forever?

Castle Library Beauty and the Beast Digital Projection

“Maybe some moments weren't so perfect, maybe some memories not so sweet. But we have to know some bad times or our lives are incomplete. Then when the shadows overtake us, just when we feel all hope is gone…we'll hear our song and know once more our love lives on.”

– How Does a Moment Last Forever, Beauty and the Beast

Every day is a new opportunity to create positive change. The hardest times in our lives are always when we grow the most – we don’t choose the circumstances we face each day, but we can choose how we respond. Let’s continue to come together as a theatre and performing arts community to invest in the communities around us!

Check out this castle library digital projection (animated version available as well) and more in our digital projection library - great for shows like Beauty and the Beast. Animated versions are also available! And be sure to check out our blog to read about more incredible theatre and ballet people like you. 

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