Art supplies used at Theatre Avenue to make digital projections

Inside the Drawing Vault

Although my process of designing projections often ends in the digital realm, painting on the computer, it always starts with pencils, pens and paper.

Often for one piece of projection artwork, I’ll do a stack of drawings exploring shapes, compositions, and lighting. Here are a handful of images just to open up my vault a little and show you some of the early, unrefined sketches that begin the process of shaping ideas.

Projection designer Mitch Stark working on a theatrical show

Markers, colored pencils and other art supplies used to design theatre projections

Sketchbook pages filled with ideas for Peter Pan projection backdrops

Early Peter Pan digital projection sketches in ink

Early digital sketches for Beauty and the Beast poster art

Ink sketches for Peter Pan theatre projections

Early Skull Island digital projection backdrop sketches

Early sketches for Nutcracker Ballet poster design

Early pencil sketch for HONK Jr. digital illustration

Color palette tests for Mary Poppins digital poster art

Concept designs for HONK! poster design

Early digital projection layout for Peter Pan

Designer Mitch Stark works on Beauty and the Beast theatre poster art

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