JMak's Dream Team

JMak's Dream Team

Jason and Mitch

"He didn't wait for a cancer diagnosis to start living - he was already doing that."


I'd like to introduce you all to a very special friend of mine, Jason Makaroff (we call him JMak). I've known Jason upwards of 15 years, and his business experience and friendship have played a huge part in growing Theatre Avenue!

Jason and I have spent hours dreaming about the possibilities of what could happen if my business excelled. Theatre Ave has never been about personal gain - it has always been about building a business that could support others. We donate portions of our proceeds to organizations that support community theatre, refugee work, and more. And we're always looking for ways to support something bigger than ourselves.

Jason and I have ALSO spent hours laughing about scenes from The Office, swapping parenting fails, and even putting on magic shows for the neighborhood rugrats (cue the *very authentic* Australian and European accents). All that to say, Jason has been a best friend in my life. So when we learned a few weeks ago that he has stage IV pancreatic cancer, I wanted to do anything I could to support.

JMak already had an incredible story before this diagnosis. Two years ago he came off his high ranking corporate job to do nonprofit work in Peru and spend more time with his family. But I have to say, what I am seeing happen in Jason NOW is even more incredible. He didn't wait for a cancer diagnosis to start living - he was already doing that. But it's like this moment has created an even bigger opportunity for him to live. And he is doing just that!

Jason has an incredible network of people around him who are supporting his new dreams: dreams of helping other peoples' dreams come true. He created a group called JMak's Dream Team, and a fund people can donate to for his projects. First venture? Brothers' Bakery International in Lima. If only we could taste and smell through the pictures. 🤤

Jason has a website. And a podcast. And some awesome FB and IG pages. Help me share JMak's story...and be sure to follow along with his journey - I don't doubt he will inspire you as much as he has inspired me!

JMak's Dream Team

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June 08, 2021

This really touches me reading this this morning…from here in Lima, Peru. I’m working on continuing forward with Brothers’ Bakery International. I think what touches me is seeing how far-reaching Jmak’s love and impact has been, even before any diagnosis. He is truly a man, a brother, who has given his best to everything he’s been a part of….bakeries, magic shows, friendship, parenting….all of it. Thank you for sharing his story!

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