Pandemic Teaching Tip #2: Improv Zoom Rooms

Pandemic Teaching Tip #2: Improv Zoom Rooms

How do I teach theatre during a pandemic? *sigh*

We can help! We've been gathering pandemic teaching success stories from teachers and directors all over the country. Whether you're teaching over Zoom or socially distanced in a classroom, we have ideas for you!

Teaching Theatre During Pandemic, Tip 2 by Jarah Botello

"Improv Zoom Rooms"

Activity by Jarah Botello, educational consultant and seasoned drama teacher in Atlanta, Georgia

If you have a breakout room feature in your online teaching platform (this is available in Zoom), divide your class into groups of 2-4. Assign each group an improv scenario and send them into breakout rooms. Give them 5 minutes to practice their scene together, then bring them back into the main Zoom room to perform.

Another adaptation is to have virtual learners use props from their house as part of the improv scene. Have them grab 3 random objects from their house and work these into their scene (see "Props" from Whose Line is it Anyway for some funny inspiration).

Another idea - split your students into groups of two and assign a duet scene. Send them to breakout rooms and practice reading together. Depending on the length of the scene, give them 15-20 mins to practice, then come back and perform their scene for the group.

You can just google “improv prompt ideas” and “dramatic duet acting scenes” for some scene ideas!

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