Teaching Theatre during a Pandemic

Pandemic Teaching Tip #7: Get Outside

How do I teach theatre during a pandemic? *sigh*

We can help! We've been gathering pandemic teaching success stories from teachers and directors all over the country. Whether you're teaching over Zoom or socially distanced in a classroom, we have ideas for you!

Bryce McWilliams shares tips for teaching theater during a pandemic.

Get Outside!

Teaching tip from Bryce McWilliams, Theatre Manager at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas.

What suggestions do you have for teaching theatre during the pandemic?

Get outside! Our school is still offering face to face courses, but we have had great success with using found spaces to facilitate socially distant performances, we have a handful of color changing LEDs and some cafe lights strung across the area. 

Also, embrace the distance. Instead of struggling to find ways to get your performers nearer each other, make distance part of your concept. I loved watching our theatre departments “Puffs.” Every actor had their own designated space, and carried a backpack with their props. When props needed to pass hands, each performer had an identical version. The first would indicate the transfer, and the second would reveal theirs magically! If you lean into it, the audience adapts to the style very quickly.

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More about Bryce

After years of touring and regional theatre, Bryce has found a new home as Theatre Manager at Tyler Junior College. He works as a designer and production manager for the performing arts departments, and is so excited to be opening a newly renovated Performing Arts Center.

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