Poster design artwork for Annie the Musical by Theatre Avenue

Projections for ‘Annie the Musical’

Here are a collection of projections we’ve designed that work especially well for various versions of ‘Annie’ on stage including ‘Annie the Musical’, ‘Annie Jr.’ and ‘Annie KIDS’. If you have any questions or we can help in any way to make these projections work in your space, contact us here!

City Orphanage, a digital projection perfect for shows like Annie, Oliver, Willy Wonka and beyond

President's Office, a scenic projection perfect for theatre shows like Annie

City Alley at Dusk, a digital theatre projection backdrop for shows like Annie and West Side Story

Old Radio Show, a theatre and dance digital projection for shows like Annie the Musical

Mansion, a digital projection backdrop perfect for theatre and ballet shows like Annie, Sound of Music, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and beyond

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Connie Flores
Connie Flores

June 15, 2021

Want more info and pricing for Annie jr projection slides pls

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