Digital Theatre Projections Tip 2, What to Use for a Projection Screen

Projections Tip #2 - What Should I Use for a Projection Screen?

Screens are everywhere! Anything can be a screen. Anything. Generally you want it to be light-colored (like a white, cream or very light gray) and reflective. But you can use everything from walls to ceilings to curtains to bedsheets to professional-grade material from Rosebrand. Here are a few options:

  • A blank wall
  • Sewn-together sheets
  • Sewn-together shower curtains (for rear-projection)
  • A surface painted with Screen Goo (a special paint that makes any surface a projection surface)
  • Your existing cyclorama
  • Fabrics like muslin from RosebrandRoscoe, or Gerriets
  • Material specific to projection from the same companies

Hang the material or stretch it around a frame. Some groups have even built their own frames out of wood or PVC piping. There are a lot of decent DIY (Do It Yourself) videos on YouTube that can help, like this one.

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