Theatre Projection Tip 5, How Do I Project Images

Projections Tip #5 - How to Project the Images?

June 06, 2019 1 Comment

Put your images into a slideshow software like Powerpoint or Keynote on a laptop. (QLab is a professional option if you want to level up). Connect the laptop to the projector. If you use a long cable, you can keep your laptop up in the tech booth so that the student or technician running it can collaborate with the lighting and sound technicians. You may want to put black slides in between your images for blackouts or even use the software’s built-in fades for smooth transitions between scenes. You can also drag animated movies or videos into Powerpoint or Keynote as a part of your presentation.

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Martin Christie
Martin Christie

May 24, 2021

Hello, hope all is well. Is there a want to use multiple projectors w different images on each one, showing at the same time?

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