Theater projections in Lion King

Q&A #2: How do projections affect the overall feel of a show?

Graphic about digital projection backdrops

Projected backdrops transport the audience like nothing I’ve ever seen. They paint a mood instantly, in a way that traditional backdrops often cannot. They allow for moving elements, video elements, and mood/color shifts. You can build in rain, snow, fire, day/night gradation and other animated effects.

Projections can also be painted in a range of styles, from something very light and cartoonish to something completely photo realistic. And they can powerfully punctuate moments in a story. For example, imagine yourself directing “The Lion King, Jr.” We have a projection called Hot Sunrise that is one of our most popular; it’s a simple animation of a sun slowly rising that spans the course of the opening song. When you see this brilliant wash of color fill the cyclorama, it brings your scene to life—suddenly it feels like Broadway. Artistically, there are no limitations. Your vision can be more fully realized than before—on the same budget. I love working with school directors and drama teachers. Their ideas are wonderful and moving, and they have a magical ability to bring theatre to life on a shoestring budget. They want their students to have a great experience. So it’s incredibly fulfilling, that moment when students see a projection fill the screen behind them for the first time during tech week, and they gasp—just like the audience will opening night. It elevates everyone’s game and makes the whole experience something to really remember.

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