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Role of Theatre Projections in a Show? | Behind the Curtain Video

This week on Behind the Curtain I talk about the role that theatre projections play in a show—keying in on their relationship with the actors on stage and the balance to find the right harmony in telling a good story.

Video Length: 1:14 (1 minute, 14 seconds)

QUESTION: “What Role Do Theatre Projections Play in a Show?”

MITCH: “A true scenic projection, something that’s created for a show, is something that’s very specific. It’s tailored right to the scene, it’s tailored to be the right scale, it’s tailored just for the actors. It’s really carefully considered at all points to make sure it’s really adding to the story being told.

I think one thing that’s really important with projections is that it doesn’t upstage the story. You don’t want so much animation, so many special effects that it’s actually taking focus off of what people in the audience should be looking at, which is the actors. But, you can introduce all of these subtle effects that really help to fill out the world. So subtle clouds moving or if you’re doing Addams Family, for example, having some lightning in the sky. Or if you’re doing Christmas Carol, being able to have some snow coming down.

It just helps to create the environment and the world of the story that you’re making in a way that can add to, not take away from, the production.”

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