Early digital sketch for Snow White scenic projection backdrop

‘Snow White’ Early Sketches

For every project, there are many many drawings and digital paint tests that I do before starting to work on the actual projection designs. I’m probably already up to about 50 or 60 drawings for ‘Snow White,’ and I love this part of the process because it’s the chance to explore and research and dig back into some of the small, interesting details of the original fairy tale.

Every part of a projection design can aid the storytelling on stage, from the lighting to the color to the little objects tucked away in a corner that suggest a character’s personality or daily habits. Here are just a handful of sketches where I’m starting the process for an outdoor view of the cottage.

It begins with lightning fast pencil sketches and then progresses toward digital paint tests where I’m starting to establish lighting and block in some of the final colors.

Snow White projection backdrop sketch

Snow White digital theatre projection designs

Fairy tale cottage early projection backdrop sketch for shows like Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and beyond

Digital design in progress for Snow White theatre and dance projection

Early digital painting for cottage projection backdrop

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