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Class Acts: Launching our Teachers' Corner

Into the Woods Quote
Over the past 6 months, our news feeds have become saturated with difficult news. A worldwide pandemic, social injustice, financial hardships, wildfires, and more. This is a long list of realities that we, our neighbors, friends and colleagues face each day. But we have found the above quote to be true...that none of us are alone. And the greatest thing we can do is stay together as a community. Live the highs and lows together. Get to know our neighbors. Get outside of our boxes, even if it's uncomfortable, so we can grow.

We know many of you personally - you are dedicated teachers, directors, mentors, artists, performers, parents, and friends. Life has required you to wear lots of new hats this year, some of which you didn't expect or ask for. Many of you have been asking "how in the world do I teach theatre or ballet in a do I play an improv game over Zoom...what shows exist where I can block people six feet apart?"

The questions seem endless, but so are the opportunities for creativity! And we have no doubt this season will bring out the best in you...some of the most innovative people we know.

We have been collecting stories from teachers and directors across the country with similar questions, and finding out what is working in this new pandemic world we live in. Stay tuned for tales of success and collaboration...we have much to tell!

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