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The Future of Contemporary Theatre

Quote by theatre teacher Paul Rivet of the future of digital projection technology in shows

“Digital Projections are the new future of contemporary theatre. Theatre Avenue allows you to have professional theatre quality scenic designs at a micro-cost of your budget.”
—Paul Rivet, Theatre & Film Director

I met Paul a few years back while teaching middle school and recognized from the start that he is one of those exciting, progressive drama teachers who is always looking for a way to tell a story better and better on stage. And I remember when I first showed him some of what we were doing with Digital Projections. He nearly leapt up from his seat at Panera and said, “Could I use those?!” At the time, he was making arrangements to produce and direct a stage version of “The Hobbit” with his middle school students, and with a limited budget, was fearful that it would only be a black curtain to encapsulate all of Middle-Earth.

It didn’t take long for the ideas to start flowing and Paul had an entirely new vision for what he could out on stage. Needless to say, Paul has been one of those believers from the start—a hopeful, innovative and fantastic person who is always looking forward to ‘what’s next.’

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