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The Joy of Sharing and Seeing Things Shared

As an artist, one of the things I delight in the most is seeing the process—specifically other people’s processes.

I think the craft of making things is so fascinating, and no two ways of working are exactly alike. It’s why shows on the Food Network and HGTV, for example, are so popular. We love seeing behind the curtain, even in fields of expertise that we have little or no interest in pursuing professionally.

I also think it’s special when artists, musicians, and creative people of all types don’t consider their process something too sacred to share, and are willing to let you look under the hood because they love learning themselves and are secure enough in what they do to know that if you steal the nuts and bolts, good! There are plenty of nuts and bolts to go around and that a ‘rising tide truly does float all boats.’

So, my hope here is to share as much into my process of making posters and other theatre art as I can. Hopefully it’s interesting, helpful, or inspiring in some way. I know I’ve been inspired by so much I’ve seen, which is one of the reasons why the internet is such an incredible thing. As a kid, I would scrape over books in the library for just a little nugget that could be helpful. Now, everything is so available. What a gift!

And I have to admit, I even geek out a little bit when I get a glimpse at workspaces or desks. It’s the little things, the quirks that make people so unique that can be wonderful. So, you can expect my process to start trickling out more in posts really soon. I just hope I can even begin to return the ‘sharing’ favor!

Oh, and a few of my favorite ‘sharers,’ by the way: Aaron Blaise, Austin Kleon, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Chase Jarvis, Jason Fried…enjoy!

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