Adventure Island, a Peter Pan projection backdrop by Theatre Avenue

The Show Must Go On!

Treasure Island Adventure Island Digital Projection

"The show must go on!"

Today is World Theatre Day, and social distancing doesn't give us any less reason to celebrate. YOU -- our theatre directors, actors, dancers, and teachers -- are the most creative people we know! We would love to hear the out-of-the-box ways you're finding to keep that "curtain" open.

Share your stories with us! Share your dreams with us. Share your blunders with us. We as a theatre community can come together, now more than ever, to support each other. We truly believe together we can do something great.

PS...ahem...shameless projection plug! Could there ever be a better time for digital projections?! Check out our online catalog for digital backdrops like this one - great in shows like Peter Pan. Let us help launch your new adventures, and stay true to what makes "Theatre People" like you so amazing.

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