Theatre projection tips with teacher and director K'Lynn Hocker

Projection Tip [#2] - Control Your Light

This theatre and dance projection tip is from theatre teacher and director in Houston, Texas, K'Lynn Hocker...

Digital projection tips with drama teacher K'Lynn Hocker

What tip or advice would you offer up to help projections be a success in  theatre and dance shows?


My biggest technical tip is to control your light around your projections as much as possible. We like to keep our projections upstage and only block the show from the midstage down so that we don’t need to light the upstage area. You can frame the projection area with drapes or fun set pieces!

Artistically, don’t feel like you have to be too literal. Maybe you show you’re at the North Pole by having a projection of Santa’s workshop, or maybe it’s just a snowy sky! Your audience will fill in the rest with their imaginations.

More about K'Lynn

K'Lynn Hocker is in her tenth year of teaching and her third year as Head Director of Theatre at Jersey Village High School in Houston, Texas. She serves as K-12 Chair on the board of the Texas Educational Theatre Association, and is passionate about helping her fellow theatre teachers.

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