Optoma gaming projector for digital theatre projections

What Kind of Projector Should I Use?

What kind of projector to use for theatre backdrops

The main thing to remember when looking for a projector is to use what you can. Don’t let anyone convince you that you need a giant budget or scare you away with overly technical terms. These things are often discouraging and can prevent you from doing the most important thing you can as a drama teacher or director: just get started! Explore and be creative! In our experience, your best bet is to find a projector you have access to, load up a high-res image on a laptop, and experiment in your stage space. From there, you can look into renting or buying something that’s a little brighter than your typical school or office projector—because once you have one, you can use it over and over again with each production you do. And as technology continues to improve, great projection is becoming easier and less expensive.

One projector we’ve seen in action many times and really like is the Optoma Gaming Projector. (No, we’re not a sponsor!) You can buy a new one for around $600 on Amazon. The Optoma is bright enough for smaller spaces, easy to use, HD quality and has a short-throw lens—which means you only have to place it 8 or 9ft from your screen or cyc to get a 20ft wide x 12ft tall projected image. (That’s big enough to rock a stage! And, if you're trying to cover a big area, you can always use two. The images of course get larger the further away you set your projector.)

Optoma 1080 gaming projector for scenic theatrical projections

A lot of our clients have reported that they bought the Optoma, because it’s not only inexpensive, they can also use it for other things when not running a show. But we’d love to hear from you if you find another great projector! We will spread the word. We also recommend you try rear projection if you can, which is a great ‘how-to’ lesson for another day. Or, if you’re curious and want to chat, just shoot us a quick note.

Happy projecting and don’t forget to check out our projection design shop!

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Jodi Burn
Jodi Burn

September 24, 2021

Fairly new theatre director in a high school. I am going to order two of the projectors you suggested. Building small scrims to project images from the back. I could use all the advice I can get! jodi.burn@cherokeek12.net

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