Seize the day Newsies digital projection quote

Seize the Day!

Lori Lum, a theatre teacher and director in San Diego, California.

TheatrePeople (#30) - Lori Lum | Theatre Avenue

Esther Newell, theatre director and teacher in Jackson, Mississippi

TheatrePeople (#29) - Esther Newell | Theatre Avenue

Barb Hilt, theatre teacher and drama director

TheatrePeople (#28) - Barb Hilt | Theatre Avenue

Carolyn Lewton, middle school theatre teacher and director in Parker, Colorado

TheatrePeople (#27) - Carolyn Lewton | Theatre Avenue

Curtis Barber, theatre director and educator in Texas.

TheatrePeople (#26) - Curtis Barber | Theatre Avenue

Joel Smith, drama teacher and theatre director in Fort Collins, Colorado

TheatrePeople (#25) - Joel Smith | Theatre Avenue

Adam Michael Rose, theatre dialect coach on Mary Poppins, Newsies and The 39 Steps

TheatrePeople (#24) - Adam Michael Rose | Theatre Avenue

Jen Finalyson, theatre teacher and Georgia Thespian Board Member

TheatrePeople (#23) - Jennifer Finlayson | Theatre Avenue

Erick Weeks, theatre teacher and director in Mississippi

TheatrePeople (#22) - Erick Weeks | Theatre Avenue

Matt Holl, theater designer, director, teacher, actor and beyond.

TheatrePeople (#21) - Matt Holl | Theatre Avenue

Katie Cross, theater teacher and director in Houston, Texas.

TheatrePeople (#20) - Katie Cross | Theatre Avenue

Castle Library, one of the Beauty and the Beast projections from Theatre Avenue.

How Does a Moment Last Forever?

Chris Freeman, theatre teacher, actor, and producer

TheatrePeople (#19) - Chris Freeman | Theatre Avenue

Jennifer Vincent, theatre artist and teacher

TheatrePeople (#18) - Jenn Vincent | Theatre Avenue

Theatre People (#17) - David Peterson | Theatre Avenue

Theatre People (#17) - David Peterson | Theatre Avenue

Maggie McNeilly, ballet artist at Hudson Valley Dance Center of Warwick

Theatre People (#16) - Maggie McNeilly | Theatre Avenue

Dancer, actor, choreographer and teacher Brian Curl

TheatrePeople (#15) - Brian Curl | Theatre Avenue

Ballet producer and artist Abby McCuen

TheatrePeople (#14) - Abby McCuen | Theatre Avenue

TJ Tekurio, ballet director, company manager and dance performer

TheatrePeople (#13) - TJ Tekurio | Theatre Avenue

African Grasslands, one of Theatre Avenue's professional Lion King projections.

The Sun Will Rise

Theatre is for the playful

Theatre is for ... (#12) | Theatre Avenue

Avery McGee, ballerina and choreographer, formerly of Savannah Ballet Theatre

TheatrePeople (#12) - Avery McGee | Theatre Avenue

Theatre is for communication, teaching artist Jerald Bolden

Theatre is for... (#11) | Theatre Avenue

Jerald Bolden, theatre teacher, artist and performer

Theatre People (#11) - Jerald Bolden | Theatre Avenue

Theatre is for creators

Theatre is for... (#10) | Theatre Avenue

Beth Auble, theatre teacher and leader in Vanderbilt, Texas

TheatrePeople (#10) - Beth Auble | Theatre Avenue

Cherry Tree Lane Mary Poppins Projection

Open Different Doors

Theatre is for all students

Theatre is for...(#9) | Theatre Avenue

Tara Taylor, Educational Specialist for Theatre and Dance

TheatrePeople (#9) - Tara Taylor | Theatre Avenue

Theatre is for storytelling

Theatre is for... (#8) | Theatre Avenue

Adventure Island, a Peter Pan projection backdrop by Theatre Avenue

The Show Must Go On!

Richard Frazier, artistic director at Theatre Macon

Theatre People (#8) - Richard Frazier | Theatre Avenue

Theatre is for Ugly-Ducks, a quote by playwright and educator Tim McDonald

Theatre is for... (#7) | Theatre Avenue

Tim McDonald, playwright of Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka and James and the Giant Peach.

TheatrePeople (#7) - Tim McDonald | Theatre Avenue

And the world will know that we've been here Newsies theatre projection quote

And The World Will Know That We've Been Here